17 September 2014

Small Hive Beetle in Italy

I would think that most British beekeepers would know by now that Small Hive Beetle Aethina tumida has been found in Italy - not the first time it's been found on mainland Europe because it was previously found in, and eradicated from, Portugal. Here's hoping the Italians will be able to deal with it as efficiently.

** Update**
15 June 2015 - Good news, I hope.
Via Gavin Ramsay  on sbai
I have to say that the apparent success of the eradication attempt in southern Italy is surprising ... and good. It might still be lurking somewhere there - or elsewhere in Europe - but this sea of green dots for 2015 is very promising.
From Italian health authority and research organization for animal health and food safety

Current epidemiological situation
  • Figure 1: Calabria protection area (20 km radius)
  • Figure 2: Sicily protection area (20 km radius)
  • Figure 3: Calabria and Sicily monitoring area (100 km radius)