17 February 2015

The Beekeepers' Library

I'm adding this partly as a placemarker for personal use, but I can really recommend checking out the rather excellent resource at Strathcona Beekeepers. There's something there for every level of beekeeper.

Here's their own description:-
This library is a collection of articles, powerpoint presentations, webinars, software, videos and books on bee related subjects like bees, plants, farming, insecticides and beekeeping.  We are adding to the library regularly.
Here is the list of categories. Links will take you directly to that category. A link at the end of this page leads to the main library.
Basic Beekeeping
Top Bar Beekeeping
Within each of the above categories is a list of subcategories, usually starting off with a book or two, and continuing with a broad range of resources to suit all levels of beekeeper ability and area, and depth, of interest. Some articles are US-based, some are UK-based, some are more mid-Atlantic.

The main resource is at the The Beekeepers' Library.

All items are either Creative Commons or are out of copyright, so can be downloaded and saved safely, and without censure.

Go on, take a look! I bet you can't escape in under an hour!

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